Video Presentation: Innovations from the University of Florida, January 26, 2012

Part 1 Agenda Topics:
Welcome and Introductions
Todd Powell, Director of Real Estate, Plum Creek
Dr. Daniel Iacofano, Principal, MIG, Inc. and Envision Alachua Process Facilitator
(approx 12 mins)

Part 2 Agenda Topics:
Dr. Pierce Jones, Professor and Director, Program for Resource Efficient Communities, IFAS, University of Florida
(approx 24 mins)

Part 3 Agenda Topics:
Dr. Mary Padua, Associate Professor, University of Florida School of Landscape Architecture & Planning, Department of Landscape Architecture (approx 20 mins)

Part 4 Agenda Topics:
Martin Gold, University of Florida School of Architecture, Executive Director, Florida Community Design Center,
(approx 33 mins)

Part 5 Agenda Topics:
Questions and Discussion Session
(approx 21 mins)

Part 6 Agenda Topics:
Student Exhibits/Interviews
(approx 6 mins)