Video Presentation of Envision Alachua Task Force Meeting #3, Phase III - October 9, 2014

Part 1 Agenda Topics:
Welcome by Todd Powell, Plum Creek; Envision Alachua Sector Plan Application Process Update by Daniel Iacofano, Lead Facilitator, MIG, Inc.
(approx 36 mins)


Part 2 Agenda Topics:
A Tale of Two Cities: The Need for Economic Progress by Daniel Iacofano
(approx 3 mins)


Part 3 Agenda Topics:
Economic Progress Report by Dr. David Denslow, Bureau of Economic and Business Research
(approx 15 mins)


Part 4 Agenda Topics:
Need for Jobs Center Outside Urban Cluster by Daniel Iacofano; Suitability of Land for Proposed Uses by Tim Jackson, Plum Creek
(approx 22 mins)


Part 5 Agenda Topics:
Funding Perceptions by Linda Shelley, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
(approx 12 mins)


Part 6 Agenda Topics:
Task Force Member Discussion; Plum Creek’s Commitment to Alachua County by Jim Kilberg, Plum Creek
(approx 16 mins)


Part 7 Agenda Topics:
Summary and Next Steps by Daniel Iacofano; Task Force Member Discussion
(approx 26 mins)