Video Presentation of Envision Alachua Task Force Meeting #6, Phase III - October 14, 2015

Part 1 Agenda Topics:
Welcome and Introduction by Todd Powell, Plum Creek and Daniel Iacofano, MIG, Inc.; Update on Envision Alachua: Alachua County Education Compact Update by Adrian Taylor, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce; Transforming Greater Gainesville Update by Adrian Taylor; Update on Youth Engagement Strategies by Juliun Kinsey, Cox Communications
(approx 28 mins)


Part 2 Agenda Topic:
Update on Land Use Applications: Envision Alachua-Hawthorne and Envision Alachua Sector Plan by Tim Jackson, Plum Creek
(approx 38 mins)


Part 3 Agenda Topics:
Update on Land Use Applications by Tim Jackson (continued); What Lies Ahead . . . Upcoming Meetings and Menu of Actions for Task Force Consideration by Daniel Iacofano; Task Force Discussion
(approx 34 mins)


Part 4 Agenda Topics:
Menu of Actions for Task Force Consideration-Task Force Discussion (continued); The EA Vision – This is what we are working towards . . . by Daniel Iacofano; Summary and Next Steps by Daniel Iacofano and Todd Powell
(approx 32 mins)