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Feb 2, 2016

Todd Powell: Plum Creek plan is unprecedented opportunity

I'm writing in response to the Jan. 24 column by Thomas Hawkins and Steve Robitaille criticizing Plum Creek and Envision Alachua. It is disappointing to see such strong criticism from two usually thoughtful authors without them having first learned the facts. After a five-year process pursued with unprecedented transparency, the Envision Alachua plan that emerged is admittedly complex and requires considerable time and effort to fully understand.

The Envision Alachua process was partly inspired by the ground-breaking planning in Alachua County presumably supported by groups like FDE. The Comprehensive Plan's commitment to containing suburban sprawl, promoting transit-oriented mixed-use urbanism, and protecting agricultural and natural lands is a bold step favoring sustainable growth. But the county's great work promoting these core values fails to reach eastern Alachua County, where instead only the worst form of suburban sprawl is allowed., The Gainesville Sun, February 2, 2016. (Read entire article)

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