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May 2, 2016

Editorial: Big ideas that benefit us all

University of Florida officials seem to view Gainesville as both a strength and a challenge. Some faculty, staff and students are attracted to Gainesville’s environment, culture and quality of life. But Gainesville lacks a major corporate employer or institution such as a state Capitol, which can provide jobs to graduates or a potential professor’s spouse.

In the jargon used by UF consultants, this extra element of what a university city offers is called a “+1.” Figuring out that “+1” for UF is part of what the university is doing in a nine-month, $1 million planning process.

Photo credit: Matt Stamey/Staff Photographer, Gainesville Sun

Photo caption: University of Florida students move their belongings into Infinity Hall, an entrepreneurial-based dormitory., The Gainesville Sun, May 1, 2016. (Read entire article)

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