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Aug 29, 2014

Op-Ed by Eddie Higgenbotham: Plum Creek project would keep young people in Hawthorne

I have lived in Hawthorne since 1958 and remember when C.R. 219 from Hawthorne to Melrose was dirt...For the last 56 years, the kids that graduate from Hawthorne High School or college usually have to leave to find a job. Maybe if the Plum Creek plan becomes reality, we will have businesses that can hire our young people and they can stay and enjoy the best of Alachua County, which is the Hawthorne area.

I just hope people will not be so selfish as to deny other people the same chance they had when they moved to Hawthorne. With 10,000 homes over 50 years the growth will not be noticeable but will improve the quality of living in Hawthorne and the surrounding area., The Gainesville Sun, August 29, 2014. (Read entire article)

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