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Sep 15, 2014

Xavier J. Monroe: Envision the promise to our children

Lately, our community has divided among two factions — those that support the Envision Alachua Plan by Plum Creek and those against their proposal.

Putting the special interests and factions aside, I would like to focus on the real issue at hand: children. Yes, our community needs to promote economic opportunity that provides jobs for all citizens. Yes, eastern Alachua County deserves nicer homes, commercial development and investment in an aging infrastructure. Yes, we need to remain good stewards of our environment and water resources. And yes, these interests must align to meet the needs of our community. Why? Our children.

The Chamber of Commerce, Plum Creek, environmentalists and our entire community should collaboratively work to improve the educational and holistic well-being of children, especially in Eastern Alachua County. Imagine the results our community could attain if we united behind the future of all children., The Gainesville Sun, September 15, 2014. (Read entire article)

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