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Jan 25, 2015

Denslow: Many urgent concerns, local fracking not among them

Our county commissioners lack imagination. When they asked County Attorney Michele Lieberman to study a fracking ban, they ignored other imminent dangers: snowmobiles, beach condos, mountain-top strip mining and Vegas-style casinos.

To be sure, the Democratic establishment has done much for those areas, providing public safety, supporting public transit and improving parks. But what about quality schools and quality jobs?

As to jobs, a county commission truly concerned about our low-income residents would jump all over the opportunity offered by Plum Creek — a chance for up to 30,000 jobs plus permanent land preservation plus a boost to sorely needed tax revenue in exchange for the right to develop 3 percent of the county's area., The Gainesville Sun, January 25, 2015. (Read entire article)

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