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Feb 8, 2015

Editorial: Don't ignore inequality here

Gainesville has an inequality problem that can’t be dismissed by blaming it all on college students. Even when students are left out of the picture…Gainesville’s median income is just $35,000 a year. Yet a living wage for a single mom with two kids here is $48,000, according to University of Florida professor Dr. Nancy Hardt.

At a speech last week at UF’s Bob Graham Center for Public Service, Hardt presented slide after slide showing Gainesville is home to extreme poverty that can be linked to a variety of social ills. She noted that Bloomberg’s list of cities with the highest inequality ranks Gainesville in the top five among major cities such as Atlanta and New Orleans.

…No matter whether we’re among the worst in the nation, Gainesville has an inequality problem. It shouldn’t take a poor national ranking to push us to do something about it., The Gainesville Sun, February 8, 2015. (Read entire article)

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