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Feb 24, 2015

Two bills could limit information about large developments

Two new bills would severely rein in counties’ ability to get information about the impact of the most massive developments — and Alachua County leaders vowed Tuesday to do all in their power to defeat them. Senate Bill 832 and its newly filed counterpart, House Bill 933, target so-called sector plans that governments use to gain information about some of the largest-scale developments before they come for approval.

One such project is the proposed Plum Creek Timber Co. development, which would span some 60,000 acres in Alachua County. Some of it is targeted for development, both commercial and residential, and some is set aside for conservation. During a Plum Creek task force meeting Tuesday night, Todd Powell, the company’s general manager for real estate, bristled at what he called “the conspiracy theory that’s sort of permeated this process,” and said that he, too, opposes the bills., The Gainesville Sun, February 24, 2015. (Read entire article)

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